The Birth Of "Salt Of The Earth"

The search for what to do for God keeps racing through my thoughts, It was all up in my head, It literally consumed me. I thought using the Blog as an avenue was enough, but then, the itching and undying flame keeps igniting. I realized it wasn't enough, a portion of Mathew 7:7 makes its was in, "Seek and You shall find" Seeking entailed I come out of my shell, make moves, it ultimately meant coming out of my comfort zone to attain results. It  dawned on me that I needed to go into the field. Obtaining a degree in Sociology enhanced my approach.

Still skeptical, yet again, I bumped into Acts 1:8 "You shall receive power when the holy spirit has come upon you, and you shall bear witness to me. Now, this was some deep stuff.

Truth is, I'm an in-depth lover of humanity and too much were left undone. Each day, I realize more and more needs to be done. Going in-depth with God made it much easier to comprehend because it gave me the large chunk of confidence, strength, vigour, vitality, patience, stability, concise information and description on how to go about it... Each day was an unveiling of a new page.

The government, church, non-profit organizations, schools, and other institutions couldn't do it all.

I began to study great works of humanitarians like Mother Theresa, John D. Rockefeller, Osceola Mccarthy, Martin Luther King Jnr. etc, just to mention but a few. I studied great writers, preachers, teachers, authors and motivational speakers like Joyce Meyer, Zig Ziglar, Dr mike Murdock, etc. I studied amazing philosophers and inventors like Socrates, St.Augustine, Marx Weber, Isaac newton, The list of more to be studied can't even be entirely covered. That's how impossible it is, trust me.

Biblically, Moses, Queen Esther, Apostle Paul and Apostle John, blew my mind away, among other great men and women of the Holy Scripture, those guys are/were unbelievable gooooood!

Great books helped too, the list is unending, lemme hold my chill. lol, Seminars, Courses, and everything practical I could indulge in at my level helped a long way, but You see, there is more, more, and much more. All the time, I feel I'm still in level one, which is the infant and foundation phase, and each day I crave to grow to full maturity.

Amidst all of this, I prayed to God for his direction, I asked for his will to be done and then something happened.

I stormed Acts 4:34, this time around, it made too much sense, an exquisite and expository kind of sense, it read "Not a person among them was needy" I take a deep sigh, the portion wouldn't let me be, all up in my head, I meditated upon it day and night and on March 1st, at about 10:15 pm,  "Salt Of The Earth" pops in, and I'm like God, Is this it? You really want me to subdue my other plans, solve this equation, and obtain results? I began to put one and two together, I successfully merged Salt Of The Earth and "Not a person among them was needy", after random brain storming, I got my answer!

I don't intend to bore no one with no lengthy epistle, I understand some of you ain't patient enough to read. *It's not good for your health oo. lol, So tomorrow, I'll state how "Salt Of The Earth" operates.

Who doesn't want to cross paths with Salt Of The Earth? Absolutely no one.

Have a great day guys and Oh yeah! Happy New Month! I'm so excited it's a new month already, may the blessings of the new month rest on each and everyone of us, Amen.

No Blogging Without You, Thank You For Visiting.


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