Balak And Balaam

                                         Balak and Balaam

I've never written any piece on how God disgraces any satanic agent that springs up in our lives to cause us pain and torment. The story of Balak and Balaam will inspire you greatly, read on...

Balak was the king of Moab during his reign, and from the above illustration, you'll notice how violent he looks. On the other hand, Balaam was a prophet of the Most High.

The Israelites journeyed through the wilderness for a long period of time under the control of  Moses. Moab at Jordan-Jericho happened to be one of the places they camped before continuing their journey to the promise land, and as a result of that, Balak the king was greatly intimidated and terrified by their multitude, so he invited Balaam to come and curse the Israelites on his behalf.

The funny news was brought before Balaam through the administrators of Balak, but God rebuked their request and warned Balaam not to emerge on any journey to curse no Isrealites. This request from Balak was brought to Balaam a second and a third time respectively, top-ranked officials which include nobles from Balak's camp were sent to deliver the message.

Balaam continually refused their proposal because God warned him not to, but this third time, God instructed that he tagged along with them. Controversial God right? lol

Truth is, God wanted to prove his undying love for the people of Israel, and instead of cursing them, Balaam blessed the people which angered Balaak the king even more. But you see, Balaam sincerely opened up to him(the king) that he'll categorically follow only instructions from God.

Balaam blessed the Israelites a first, a second and then a third time which was contrary to the request of Balaak. Balaak lost his temper on Balaam because he felt Balaam was a coward considering the fact that he had promised him a heavy cheque.

Well, eventually, Balak(the evil king) said to Balaam, "Well, if you can't curse them, at least don't bless them." lol (see Numbers 23&24 for the rain of blessings Balaam showered)

Who is that kill joy who only seek curses and great dangers upon you? God is assuring you through His word that He is aware and promising you that every proposed curse will be converted into serial blessings. Today, let's commit every circumstance to God in prayer, praise and thanksgiving and watch God place every satanic agent where they rightfully belong.

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