Inheritance Are For Girls Too!

In the typical African Traditional Setting, little or no attention is given to the girl child, reason is, it is assumed that they have little or no role to play in the cause of transferring the family name to the next  heir which will linger on from one generation to the next. As a result of this, allocation of inheritance to Girls is termed insignificant and irrelevant because the idea is for her to eventually get married to some other guy and permanently fit into his own lineage forgetting that she is not for sale.

Well, the Holy scripture proves otherwise and gives clarification...

Lawyers and Lawmakers are aware that universal laws were emanated from the Bible, so permit me to go Biblical.

Oh yes, the Male child is highly significant because they are the name bearers with longevity accorded with the responsibility of preserving and transferring family names. Truth is, God entirely supports this and made it so.

As a result of this, the larger chunk of inheritance is to be given to them because of the great responsibility naturally bestowed upon them by God but you see, the idea of the girl child completely eliminated from the equation wasn't structured to be so.

Joshua 17:5-6
"Manasseh's lot came to ten portions, in addition to the land of Gilead and Bashan on the other side of the Jordan, because Manasseh's daughters got an inheritance along with his sons."

Joshua 15:18-19
"When she arrived, she got him to ask for farmland from her father. As she dismounted from her donkey, Caleb asked her(Acsah, his daughter), "What would you like?" She said, give me a marriage gift. You've given me desert land; Now give me pools of water! And he gave her the upper and the lower pools,

You'll agree with that the above scripture is heart rendering, it says it all! It give an explicit expression of a father's love for his daughter, you'll notice that Caleb's daughter came with the intention of asking her father for more inheritance but before she could do all of that, he obviously read her mind and of course knew the right thing to do. He first asked her, "What would you like?"

Inheritance are for girls too! I implore that men allover the world look beyond the universal statement, "Oh! she's only a woman"  Eliminate greed, and accord due respect to the girl child knowing that God deliberately created Eve to be a support system to Adam and help him out to ensure that;

1. He is not lonely.    &

2. Assist him with wise decision making so that he doesn't run into trouble.

It was a lengthy read today, but I trust it was worth it. *winks

Have A great Day Fam,

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  1. An insightful piece this is...Thank you @ellahillz


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