#BLUEAfrica presents "Y?"

#BLUE Acronym for Born Leaders Under Enlightenment is a coalition of young African minds poised to make a positive lasting impact in the lives of as many African teenagers as reachable. Established in 2015, our mission in BLUE is Touching, Inspiring and impacting the lives of Teenagers to create a better future, guide them in the right path, and encourage & challenge them to become stronger men and women who would make a difference and impact their generation positively.   We believe that if young people stand for what is right from their foundational years, then Nigeria and even Africa at large has a shot at becoming a better place. To draw us closer to achieving our mission, we have organised social, inspirational and educational events facilitated by well seasoned speakers in different locations. We intend to continually create impacts via our events, seminars and gatherings. 

To kick up the Quarterly Campaign for the year 2016, #BLUE has planned and organised an event tagged “Y?!” This event was born out of the need for answers to the barage of questions in the minds of today’s teenagers.

Considering past experiences of the team members of BLUE, they understand that many young people are faced with daily challenges, thoughts and questions which they cannot answer. Sometimes they wonder why things are not working out as they had planned it; Sometimes they wonder why life is unfair, etc.  Eventually, when they do not have answers to their questions, nor do they have anyone experienced enough to confide in, they are prone to making wrong decisions and ending up with the wrong answers and scars. 

At #BLUE, we understand that many young people are in dire need of acceptance, hope and many are in search of a simple voice of Reasoning, and it is on this premise that “Y?” was born. A teenage Talk-show poised at listening to questions directly from these teenagers verbally or anonymously and providing them with answers. An interactive Teenage talk-show with flavour and swagger :)

As the first in a rising series of many- Y? 2016 focuses on issues relating to the Home Front, negligence on the parts of siblings and elder guides, neglect by guardians, Child and sexual abuse, violence and hurt all as affecting Teenagers.

This event is scheduled to involve the participation of over 60 Teenagers and will be facilitated by well seasoned and Adroit Speakers including; Ms. Ifeoma Nkem Gbemudu- Motivator, Leader, Social Media Enthusiast and Organizing member of at the “Becoming” series and Mr. Abidemi Ehiwere- Photography enthusiast, IT Specialist, and Teenage pastor at the RCCG.

The event is slated to be loads of fun and have series of activities. So if you are around the environs or choose to travel through the seas, Please pop in and see things pop. :)

For more information- please contact the Team Lead for Project “Y?!” 2016 Ms. Toluwalase Habib on  +2348064636264, follow their activities on Instagram at; @_blueafrica and for further inquiry about #BLUE please contact the President: Ike Sarah Chika at: sarahdi4u@yahoo.com

#Udo #ItcanonlybeGOD

*That's what it is guys,  save the date, be there!


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