Because You Didn't Trust Me

Trust can be defined as the firm belief in reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something.

Trust in God should be exhibited with every ounce of faith, bearing in mind that the blessings obtained will always be greater even when it doesn't look like it as a result of the level of consuming sacrifice(s) involved.

There are consequences for not trusting in God, sometimes, He overlooks it, other times, He acts upon it.

In Numbers Chapter 20, we see how God instructed Moses to "speak to the rock" to produce water in-front of the rebellious Israelites. In truth, Moses couldn't bear the frustration from the people no more and fitting myself into the picture, I too, may not have being able to manage the situation right.

vs 11 "Moses raised his arm and slammed his staff against the rock once, twice."  This was contrary to the instruction given to him by God, he failed to trust the Alpha and Omega. God instructed him to "Speak" but he "Struck."

Yes, water gushed out of the rock for the people to drink because God is forever merciful and he realised they were thirsty, but that singular act of mistrust exhibited by Moses was embarrassing to God, great consequences followed suit. Vs 12  God said to Moses and Aaron, "Because you didn't trust me, didn't treat me with holy reverence in front of the people of Israel, you two aren't going to lead this company into the land that I am giving them." How disheartening!

I can't claim I can imagine how heartbroken Moses must have felt amidst the pain, suffering, time-investment, sacrifice, unfavourable weather condition, torments, and every negative vices he encountered as a result of the Leadership position he held on the behalf of God, and just by a singular act he got himself involved it and a singular statement from God, everything was lost.

Today, frustration shouldn't push us into denouncing God just like the popular "Ese Walter" it will never be a rosy start but in the end, it's always victory certified. No matter the challenges we face as humans, separating ourselves from the drama is ultimatum because God is forever by our side saying "Trust Me"

In Niccolo Machiavelli's voice "The end just justifies the means"

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