An Evening With Ifie Sekibo #Legendary Throwback Wednesday

Mr Ifie Sekibo (PhD) was unavoidably absent on  Monday, 29th February 2016, and the above invite took a dimensional shift from "An evening with Ifie Sekibo" to an "An evening with Linus Okorie." *I gushed about my outing here;
     M.D/C.E.O, Heritage Bank, Ifie Sekibo(PhD)

Notwithstanding, The Managing Director / CEO, Heritage Bank, Mr Ifie Sekibo(PhD), a man of integrity and distinguished virtues rescheduled, this was in fulfillment of a promise earlier instituted. On Wednesday, 6th April 2016, "An Evening With Ifie Sekibo" became a reality and indeed was an opportunity of a lifetime for participants, it was well attended and ably represented.

The opening presentation was uniquely and professionally done by Barr. Ikechukwu. Here, he simply defined Life as Responsibility and further stated that all greatness starts with RESPONSIBILITY, his opening remark created a sultry atmosphere for the Guest Speaker Mr. Ifie Sekibo(Phd), to take over.

*Highlights + More pictures, Enjoy!

The highlights below would enlighten, reform, inspire and upgrade us in every facet of our lives and in our respective model of operation.

- Vision is nothing. Vision and Mission= Core Values. Wake up, write your visions and your missions and act upon it, else, it becomes mere poetry.

- Paint the picture. As humans, it's our duty to put the picture together. More reason why we must wake up!

- Vision=Nothing, Attitude=Everything.

                         Heritage Bank Boss, Ifie Sekibo(PhD)

                                    Leadership Test
There are no known acts of leadership, but there are known attitudes to Leadership. It entails we;

- Define our mindset.

- Exhibit the right attitude that determines our relationship with people, life, success and failures. It starts and  ends with tasks. Attitude can turn a problem to a blessing, for it is possible for dry bones to rise again.

- Become heroes and have fun while at it.

     From the left; Dr.Linus Okorie, Ifie Sekibo(PhD)

- Leadership is the ability to serve humanity. It's a greater calling than yourself.

- Leadership is a conversation(experience in turn around).

- Leaders must be believed.

- Leaders must stand up in difficulties(must maintain fore-front position).

- Leaders must indulge TENACITY.

- Leaders must relentlessly pursue opportunities without resources available.

From the left; Mr Robert Kerr, Dr. Linus Okorie, Ifie Sekibo(PhD), Lawrence Okate

From the left; Dr. Linus Okorie, Ifie Sekibo(Phd), Mr. Lawrence Okate, Mr Igwe. U. Igwe

He went further to encourage Prospect Leaders to acquire the ability to change the mindset of people, this way, we get people to believe in us and can achieve anything we set our minds to achieving.

"No one person can build an organization and are solutions to their situation." Cooperation/ Networking is entailed.

"Don't get rich, get wealth." By this, we are to create wealth, preserve wealth, and ultimately transfer wealth.

"Lend/Lease, not own."

He encouraged that we develop our minds by reading great books and learning consistently.

Ifie Sekibo cited a quote from John Maxwell, "You are free to fail but fail forward"

From the left: The Managing Consultant FM&T, Dr. Chris Asoluka, The Head, Cultural Affairs , U.S Embassy, Abuja, Robert Kerr, President, Guardian Of The Nation International(GOTNI) and Dr. Linus Okorie congratulating The Managing Director/C.E.O, Heritage Bank and Guest Speaker, Ifie Sekibo(PhD) as he receives the GOTNI Leader Of The Year Award after his speech at the 2016 Leadership Clinic in Abuja last week Wednesday, 6th April 2016.

The distinguished guest speaker wrapped up his conversation with the epic statement "Everything is a success, just that you've not reached a desired goal." A hearty interactive session ensued during the outing.

Inspired much??? I entirely am. Preparing this post brought back blissful memories which I was privileged to tap into F.O.C (free of charge). *The ogbonge awuf no run my bele sha, lol. It was one of the best days of my life and Ellahillz didn't ball out of that conference room same! Her Royal Highness(Ellahillz) emerged a better version of herself not forgetting that there is more to do.
 #Wink #No jealousy allowed #Tongue out #Smiles.

We all need wads of KASH you know, and lending Dr. Linus Okorie's initiative, it means;

K- Knowledege
A- Attitude
S- Skills
H- Habit

It was a quite a lengthy read but it is worth it right?

Guys, we can fail all we want but let's ensure that we fail forward whenever we fail, and then, just by the corner, is Victory celebrating us with a well deserved trophy.

*Have A Reformed Day Fam.

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