Any proverbs 31 Woman In The house? This Is How To find Us !


First, You'll have to go through God to find us, for we are not everywhere and easily accessible.

Second, for we posses the strength of an army, We are not in great number but we have the ability to, because that's how we were structured.

Third, We are; women of God
                      women of dignity
                      women of honour
                      women of class
                      women of strategy

Technically, physically and logically, we fight for our own and what we believe in, we are not lazy. we'll knock you out if you try to mess us up. We send signals everyday to the right people privileged to notice us. We work for purpose, we teach people how to treat us, we walk with our heads high, talk and present ourselves with profound dignity, for we are Royalties. 

Ask around, any man with us are lucky to have us and just for the records, we get the good men. We never  tally all day long with the wrong men, we carefully select our tribe (our own).

What we speak over ourselves is what we manifest. we are never puppets on anybody's string.

We are so intimate with the hope of God's calling, for we are being developed and processed in the incubator of God on a daily basis. The past and the negative is irrelevant to us. Gossips and untrue grapevines don't define us, we are always the most talked about.ooh yes, we can handle that. Our future is on fire cos' it shines ever bright.*u'll definitely need them shades honey.

             God is aware we are priceless too. lol. don't hate

We know who we are and we eliminate every barrier that comes as a hindrance. You can not have dominion over us for the awesome Lord gave you dominion over the creatures of the earth, not over human beings. We do not find God for you, we bring God to you.

We bear fruits in our season, our leaves never wither like the cursed fig tree. We are Matriarchs, Destiny helpers, we'll upgrade you and above all, we are gorgeously made in the exact image of The Most High God.

                     See what Darlene Schacht has to say about  us...

he he. don't hate, you can't obviously beat us,, lol. so join us and watch us groom you.

Have a great day guys.. Bet today's post is as dope and enlightening as your day.

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