How Bae and I Celebrated Our Val's Day...*Wink

Val's day was incomplete till Bae and I hit the streets. My dearest neighbour Ene tagged along with us to show support, she was so easy to convince. God bless her for me. Amen. My very good friend Joy was unavoidably absent, she really wished to be part of this but then, she was with us in spirit and I thank her specially for the calls and all. A good friend is a blessing.

The idea was to cook for 30 people. I single handedly cooked every, wasn't an easy stuffs mehn but I was filled with Joy doing all of that.

Showing love to the destitute was our own way of showing love, and we did that in our own little way. As we begun the distribution and interaction with them, I was filled with conflicting emotions, it's really hard out mehn...

Kai! My Dear Family, These people were experiencing the highest degree of poverty, they didn't have homes, they slept on the road side. They lacked food and other crucial necessities of life. Whenever generous people came along with surplus food to distribute to them, because they didn't have ordinary firewood and pot to heat the food, they had to preserve it in the most local way ever. This entailed they spread the food under the sun for the heat of the sun to dry it up so that it can last for days to sustain them. How touching!

I literally had to pinch myself real good for consistently bombarding God with my requests. The personal encounter with them was a good feeling because they were very homely but deep within, I was emotionally unstable.

Here are some of the screenshots from the video we made with them. Kindly go through them and be touched to help the needy around you today.

I had wrapped up with cooking and was dishing out respectively.  I prepped Jollof rice as you can see... *I fried  dodo too  ';'

Then we hit the streets...

Meet Armani, He was kind enough to help us interpret our mission to them in Hausa language.
Armani was such a warm  and kind-hearted soul, the former guy we initially pleaded with to help us out told us we must pay him first. lol

                                                   We were about to kick off

                                          Armani began to relate with them on our behalf...

                                             It was an interesting translation. *smiles

                                                             People are hungry!

                                       They followed me around in their numbers...

 More of them.., The woman on blue hijab would have gone physical with  me  if she had her way. lol

                                 Caption this abeg, they didn't know I was awon streets.

                                      Some one should please tag Lil Wayne. lol

                       I have a dream,"that one day, I'll take them off the streets and give them a home",
                                                          so help me God, Amen.

                                   With that old man kneeling before me? Dear Lord!

   They had received food and were receiving their drinks, see how happy they looked. awwwwh

                                     My sweet neighbour Ene was such a darling.

                                             Armani tagged along all the way

This little boy kept following us to beg for more food. Heyah!

      They were seriously telling their problems n i'm like don't worry Mamas I'll  get you out of here,   just keep remembering me in your prayers.. All in Pidgin English tho..*tongue out

                  She wanted more food for her absent family members that were nowhere to be found
           but unfortunately, food had finished. I had to promise her I will bring more food, and that                                                          was my saving grace.

                        awwwh, that lil baby..Let's all remember them in our prayers.

            The woman I was conversing with was telling me how she could barely see and how I                                                     should take her to the hospital for medication.

                               Awwwwh.. They waved us good bye...*their smiles be melting my heart.

                                                    Ene and i goofing around

                                            Ene's smile is contagious. lol

                            He was behind the screen all the way .*.Muah, thanks hunnie!

                        Permit me to do PDA small. lol...Amen hunnie, Amen, God'll bless us. You've                                    continually being my support system always and all the time. Thank You My King!

Hope my Val's day celebration inspired you real good. *smiles... To the amebos that ran in here, expecting to see "lovey dovey pictures" of  Bae and I, Lmao, better luck next time u hear. loool.

Till I locate my destiny helper(s) that would pave way for me in order to give them the befitting lifestyle they are rightfully entitled to, I would never stop reaching out to them in my own little way, for one day, my dream of taking them off the streets, giving hope to the hopeless, lending my voice to the voiceless and doing many other charitable works would unravel, so help me God.

We're still in the season of love...Remember to spread the love everywhere, love keeps us all together irrespective of our diverse ethnicity and cultural background.

Have an awesome day Fam!

No Blogging Without You, Thank You For Visiting.


  1. God bless you ella. I am motivated.

  2. I be no1 amebo. ...hahaa. God bless you babe

  3. @Ozy baby, Thank You Sis, God bless u too. @chingy, u see ur life. lool, Amen honey, God bless you too @Dami, Amen sis, God bless u too

  4. The heart that gives shall receive even more blessings,God bless you

  5. Awwwwww, so so sweet. God continue to bless and increase you greatly.


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