4 Incredible Stories About Identical Twins

1. The twin mothers who gave birth on the same day
It was an especially exciting New Year's for twin sisters Aimee and Ashlee Nelson, who gave birth to their respective sons within a-two-hour span in an Akron, Ohio, hospital. They didn't expect this. In fact, their due dates were about a week apart. But after Aimee called her mom at 4 a.m. on Dec. 31 to say she was headed to the hospital, her sister's call came just two hours later. Aimee's son, Donavyn, arrived first at 12:11 p.m. on New Year's Eve, and his cousin, Aiden, followed at 2:03 p.m.

2. The identical twins who broke the same arm on the same day
In 2004, two-year-old Mitchell Cocks from Manchester, England, fell off his backyard slide and was taken to the hospital. After a check-up, the lad was sent home with a clean bill of health. Hours later, the boy's identical twin, Elliott, tripped over the base of the same slide and was also taken to the hospital. Doctors found he had broken his left arm, and while he was being treated, Mitchell said his left arm was hurting too. Doctors X-rayed the limb in question and found it to be broken as well.

3. The identical twins with identical twin childrenIn 1998, identical twin sisters Diane and Darlene Nettemeier met identical twin brothers Craig and Mark Sanders, fittingly, at the annual Twin Day festival in Twinsburg, Ohio. After getting serious, the pairs took a trip to Las Vegas where they got lucky at poker. Inspired by their winning streak, they got engaged on the same day and married soon after in a joint ceremony. Back home in Texas, the happy couples built homes side by side. And despite the million-to-one odds, one couple, Diane and Craig, went on to have identical twins of their own. 

4. The "twin Jims"And the identical twins who blow all other identical twin stories out of the water? Jim Lewis and Jim Springer. Born in 1940, the boys were adopted by separate families in Ohio, and grew up within 45 miles of each other. Both were named James by their adoptive parents. Both married twice — first to women named Linda, and then to women named Betty. Both had children, including sons named James Allen. Both owned dogs named Toy. After reuniting in 1979, after 39 years of separation, the twins were recruited for a study, and the results of their tests were extraordinary. Their medical histories were identical, and the pair shared the same habits, including having woodworking workshops in their garages, a fondness for Chevys, and vacations on one particular beach in Florida. Beat that.

God is good. Wow!

Source: The week Magazine

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