The Power Of Cooperation: Moses Wasn't Greedy Afterall !

Cooperation is an act or instance of working together for a common purpose or benefit. Cooperation is the process of working together to get something done. Cooperation is a voluntary agreement of two or more entities to engage in a mutually beneficial exchange.
Words synonymous to the term Cooperation include; Collaboration, Partnership, Liaison, Team-mate, Synergy, Association, Unity.

The direct opposite of Cooperation is Competition.

In the Book of Exodus Chapter 35, Moses spoke to the entire congregation of Israel instructing them of the things God had commanded them to do which includes resting on the seventh day, after working from the first to the sixth day, and most importantly, how their offerings would be made to God as regards erecting a Tabernacle which would be a place of worship.

Furthermore, He stated how God gave instruction to those with special skills to come forward for the actualization of  the divine project.

After Moses was done dishing out the instruction to them, It will interest you to know that the people of Israel returned to give to God with a roused heart which was freely responsive and voluntarily, as they Cooperated by donating their brooches, earrings, rings, necklaces-All were made of gold, their silver, bronze, fabrics etc., they were able to complete the task.

Moses was a selfless man, he was far from being tagged a selfish or greedy man, he was indeed a very nice guy, and I'll tell you why;

                                                          A picture of Moses parting the Red Sea for the Israelites to cross

Exodus 36: 4-5    "All the artisans who were at work making everything
                         involved in constructing the Sanctuary came,
                         one after the other, to Moses, saying, "the people are
                 bringing more than enough for the work that God
has commanded us to do!"

Now let's take a good look at Moses' response...

Exodus 36: 6-7    "So Moses sent out orders through the camp:
                             "Men! Women! No more offerings for the
                              building of the Sanctuary!"
                              The people were ordered to stop bringing offerings!
                              There was plenty of material for all the works to be done.
              Enough and more than enough."

The power of Cooperation is everything, and every trace of greed whatsoever shouldn't come to play. We see how the people accomplished their mission through Cooperation and how Moses led an exemplary life which exhibits every attribute of a quality leader which is contrary to the present day situation  we find ourselves in.

Today, Let's Eliminate Greed, Cooperate With Each Other And Live A Great Life Generally.

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  1. Another great exposure. Leadership attributes to learn from Moses.Thanks for sharing

  2. Co-operation is key. Together Everyone Achieves More (TEAM)

  3. Cooperation is everything... makes the world a better place.. thanks for this dear


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