In Every Nonsense Is A Sense And A Yardstick For Judgement, And I'll Tell You Why

The Book of  Leviticus from the Holy Scripture is a very boring book to me *covers face, please don't judge me, only being sincere and reason is, it has too many emphasis on how to go about different types of burnt offering ranging from the whole burnt offering, grain offering, compensation offering, to the excessive harshness of God. Ahn ahn, what is it sef? lol.

Well, from Chapter 7 of the book of Leviticus began to make sense to me. Thank God I didn't completely rule it out judging from the first to the sixth chapter. Chapter 7 laid so much emphasis on how the priests of God should be treated and as a matter of fact, stressed on the message greatly which made sense to me.

Guys, The Bible is the best book ever! Doubting? then you need to go back and carry out a serious survey which will include an in-depth study. The Holy Scripture is too diversified to a fault, It teaches just everything! If you ever need Motivation, Sex Education, Love, Adventure, Stability, Faith, Hope, Contentment, Joy, Happiness, Courage, Forgiveness, Blessing, Dedication, Teaching, Companionship, Protection, Provision, Divine Upliftment and Encounter, Feasting, Marriage, Redemption and just whatever you basically  need, then I'll recommend this book to you ; "The Holy Bible!"

I used to be among those that criticized every preacher that seemed extravagant as a result of their exotic lifestyle, little did I know that I was only being foolish, yes too foolish as a result of ignorance and petty mentality. There are false prophets in town, true! but trust me, there are anointed ones too.

Asides from the very popular Psalm 105:15 that says, "Touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm"(that seemed overrated to me and didn't move me a bit I must confess, maybe because it is widely used by all and as a result of that, I failed to meditate deeply on the portion), but you see, Leviticus Chapter 7 hit me big time.

Leviticus 7:35-36   "From the day they are presented to serve as priests to God,
                                 Aaron and his sons can expect to receive these allotments
                                 from the gifts of God. This is what God commanded the
                                 People of Israel to give the priest from the day of their
                                 anointing. This is the fixed rule down through the generation."

When I liken the above statement to the modern generation which we are in,  I'm always like ooh, no wonder. Being overly judgmental especially on our priests or preachers  is a No No, I'm now mature enough  to realize that most of them that enjoy immense wealth didn't have it easy at inception, they toiled so hard for many years to actually produce results(referring to the genuine ones) that always seem like an overnight success, and they still work  so hard everyday of their lives. If you take time to read through the whole of Chapter 7, You'll notice how God instructed Moses to give Aaron and his sons(His Priests) the breast and thigh of all their offering(the offering of the people of Israel), and when you go deeper, you'll understand that the breast and thigh of any burnt offering is always the best part.

I've equally come to realize that God's divine backing rests on his prophets big time and that there are consequences attached to every negative talk on God's anointed.

Today, Let's just shut up our mouths and do better things with them. A whole lot needs to be done, trust me on this, and remember that if we read in between the line, there is an atom of sense in every nonsense which will serve as a yardstick for judgement.

Have a great day guys.

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