Who Is He Looking For?

1.Looking means to direct one's gaze at a specific direction.
2.It means to regard in a specified way.Words synonymous to the word Looking in this context              include; regard, consider, consider, reckon, see, view, believe to be, deem.

If He doesn't deem you fit to be looked for(searched for), then you need to re-access your purpose. A lot needs to be put in place. he didn't just create you be just anything that has air and occupy space (matter). Naa, He's not that thoughtless.

So much needs to be done, true..but, you see;

He is not looking for who to stress but who to make whole

He is not looking for who to disgrace but who to honour

He is not looking for who to humiliate but who to elevate

He is not looking for who to punish but who to furnish

He is not looking for who to impoverish but who to empower for wealth

He is not looking for who to diminish but who to distinguish

Your're feeling too old already? Come on, there is no retirement age. He called Timothy at 17 and Abraham at 75. What's your excuse? Nothing.

Let's all re-strategize, re-evaluate and have a good re-think in our individual lives.

Is He looking for Me?

Yours Truly,

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  1. True that Ella.. Thanks for the Kind reminder my Happiness.. As in all yeah! We must all live for GOD in the best and most ghen ghen way possible. Blessings Bubba.

  2. @Jdb, So true, you're most welcome boss. Amen


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