No Room !

Wondering who there's no room for? 

Well, technically, there is no room for second place and the good news is that Ellahillz isn't the architect of the bias. 

Traditionally, Socially, Religiously  and in all shades of reality generally, there is no room for second best or place. Even if there were, the first always takes the spotlight. Religiously; Pope over ministers Politically; Presidents over Vice Presidents, Institutionally; Chancellor over Vice Chancellor, Business Organisation; C.E.O over M.D,  Pageantry; Winner over First Runner Up, the list goes on....

The only time there's room for second place is when they are uniquely exceptional and thrive to do something extra-ordinary that will eventually place them at the top.

Biblically, Methuselah is recorded as the oldest man that ever lived, he was aged 969, most people never noticed or talked about Jared, the father of Enoch who lived for 962 years or even the very popular Noah who lived for 950 years. Noah was known for his works nevertheless, he single-handedly built the Ark for so many years which was an extra-ordinary thing to do and of course, he's work didn't go unnoticed.

Our mission and goal is to take first place  and become first best in whatever we've committed, dedicated or taken upon ourselves to accomplish, bearing in mind that there's no room for second place or third place. And even if there is, it's usually a small room that's reserved for them.

As we take first place in all we've wholly made up our minds to achieving, may the good Lord give us strength to emerge victorious. Amen.

Have A Winning Day Fam.

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