You'll Never be The First To Manufacture Excuses, No One Called By God Was Ready.

Excuses are reasons or explanations given to justify a fault or a weakness. Humans are full of excuses, but until we've disciplined ourselves a great deal, tons of excuses would forever be a part of us.

It's only a natural flaw because we are mortal beings, mortals are subject to death, we were programmed to be imperfect by the maker. Trust me, God understands and is fully aware but He's right with us to give us the divine backing we need if only we call upon Him day and night, grant Him full access, allow Him take the wheel, partner with Him and take that calculated risk. This entails an extra-ordinary upgrade in our level of faith and trust in solely Him, because it's never going to be rosy. Good, lasting and permanent things never come easy but they come whenever we are ready and mature enough to handle it.

You think manufacturing of excuses began with you, you ain't seen nothing till you check out the run down of our Supermen of the Holy scriptures.

Jeremiah claimed he was only a child
Saul went hiding
Jonah fled with all his might
Moses claimed he was a stutterer
Joshua was afraid
Elijah was suicidal
Leah was unattractive
Naomi was a widow
Paul had health issues
Timothy was timid

The list goes on and on...

In truth, our weakness is our greatest strength if only we could read in between the lines and eradicate all shades of self pity and the "I can't do it" syndrome.

When you've gone through stuffs and it didn't consume or eliminate you, the passion builds up with time,there the understanding lies and being ready becomes the order of the day as a means of survival.

Trust this piece touched a ready soul whose being a bag of excuse manufacturing.

Have a great day guys.

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