ERROR : Taking the truth to the extreme

Error is an act, an assertion or a belief that unintentionally deviates from the what is right, true or correct.

Error is deviation from accuracy or correctness.

Error simply means taking the truth to the extreme therefore leading to fallacy.

The Almighty came to make clarity between the Old and the New Testament. Some part of the old testament included manipulation and extreme measures to punish offences, while the New Testament preached forgiveness.

Are we making an error in decision making, dispensation of responsibilities, and other spheres that greatly affects us?   We may be putting in all our might and best which is absolutely true in most circumstances, but most times that is not always enough because of the unintentional error we make which is the present and re-occurring factor and is ever glaring before us.

Errors take time to correct pending on its volume or capacity, but with  undying research, consistent study, divine strategy, adhering to principles that have passed all forms of scrutiny and made a theory, constant training, practice, and  ultimately God's revelation, Errors can be corrected.

Errors are mistakes and they can be reversed from wrong to right.

Are You making series of Errors?  Never relent in the repeated trials, for most times, we are one step away from the truth which is the real deal.

Have an Error free day Fam.

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  1. Great and refreshing thoughts indeed, many thanks for that. Greetings!

    1. uw dear. I don't know you personally but you keep encouraging me and remaining an ardent blog reader, i'm noticing all of it. lol. many thanks once again dear.


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