He Said, Anything...

I asked God, "what should I write about for the days' post", He said, "anything". Well, I'll just write anything...

Today happened to be one of the days my mood swing was on some serious high rise. So many random thoughts racing through. I felt I was failing God, I felt I wasn't doing all He had given me the capacity to do, I felt I was wasting time, I felt so much work needed to be done which I abandoned, I felt I wasn't giving my 100%, I felt I needed to drastically minimize the amount of time I dedicated into checking up the exotic lifestyles of celebrities on Instagram and focus on me! I felt I had so much to offer and achieve, I knew I needed to Re-strategize and get it right.

God has being faithful to me, entirely true! but I felt He has being acting so slow in the past five days. The past five days has being like five months! I've being believing but yet unsatisfied, but hey! it's too late to stop believing.

Prosper taught me to worry less because it doesn't solve the problem, but rather, steals the joy and all that is beautiful, and in truth, It helped me greatly. Overtime, I've coached myself to be nothing short of happy, and it's being working real good. In truth, I have so much to be thankful for; Amazing spiritual life, The gift of life, Resounding health, A happy and healthy relationship, Irreplaceable siblings, Food on my table, Roof over my head, Peace of mind...the list goes on, but you see, I'm only human, and once in a while, I'll still go contrary to the belief.

At exactly 6:02 pm, my phone goes..."Opeeen the flooodgates...in abuuundance and cause your raaain to fall on me", by the way, I entirely love that song, it's my ringtone, I reach out to see whose call is coming in, ooh! It's Prosper. He says, "Baibae what are you up to?" and I go.."nothing much" and he continues, "let's see a movie for 6:30 pm" I'm like "oh yeah, it's fine". That singular call lit my mood and I freshened up and  set out immediately.

The very interesting movie ended... and I was back to my mood swing. He goes again, "Baibae what is it now?" typical me, I immediately said "nothing" and he continues "there's something, or is it because of the fact that we're using a cab instead of our car? please share with me hunnie, you can whisper into my ear and tell me", I reach out for his ear and whispered, "I just want to be successful... using a cab to and fro the cinema is the least of my problem and I believe things would fall in place, I just want to a have successful career." He gives me that (sober) look, reaches out for me, pats my shoulder and plants a kiss on my forehead. I knew he meant, baby I got your back forever...

*I obeyed and just wrote anything... Hope my expression wasn't a boring one?

Have a great day guys.

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