Look It Till You Make It

Today's inspiration is going to be based on a personal encounter.

There's this popular slogan that say's "fake it till you make it"...Well, when you do an in-depth analysis on the statement, you'll notice it has its positive and negative consequences.

 I came up with a better slogan "look it till you make it''. you'll agree with me that looking it till you make it is safer because there is minimal or zero risk involved. Here, you don't need to fake nothing. You look exactly how you want to be addressed and comfortable in you own skin.

On the 2nd day of February, 2016, I was privileged to enter the Almighty National Assembly. ehmm, some of you may in your hearts be like, what's there in entering there, alright, I agree with you but not completely. You see, there so many powerful people in there, having face to face contact with them is all that mattered to me. Different strokes for different sizes. You attract whatever you crave by first imagining, second, going to check out the real picture of what it really looks like and by third, working hard towards it. I believe in the "Law of Attraction". *dunno abouh u.

The first time I tried entering National Assembly Abuja, it was an epic fail, but you know what, I never give up o. Never!

It was really cool walking into the offices of some Senators and having a conversation with their respective Personal Assistants. The audience they gave to me was everything. *he he, I looked good with my good heels to compliment. I literally felt myself and got compliments in return. One of the Personal Assistant even asked if i was a model and complimented the way I carried myself and how I walked gracefully with my nice shoes. chei!...I must be self made oo whether the devil likes it or not. lol..Those rich people are really enjoying themselves big time I must confess. There's is enough to go round my people, let's all thrive to have a taste too o. I believe I'm talking to vibrant souls like myself out there.

"I took so many selfies ehn. trust your girl now, she can like picture tinz". I was inspired by the many activities going on there, from the interviews they granted to some distinguished personalities to the organised way of doing things. I aspired to be all of that, so help me God. I imagined being granted interviews at different events with the paparazzi here and there, it was a good feeling. *licks lips

To those that know me personally, not talking about few years ago, I'm talking about knowing me one on one from last year till date, you'll agree with me that I had a serious personality upgrade. A lot transpired  and I'm never going back to the old me. The old me was a peoplepleaser and couldn't say a big NO to what she didn't want, The old Ella wasn't aggressive towards pursing her dreams and aspirations, she was still trying to discover her purpose in life. She wasn't an addicted lover of God as she thought or imagined she was.Thank God Ella eventually discovered her purpose and giving it a shot with all her might.

Looking good is good business for me. I advise you do same. You are addressed the way you dress, always and all the time. Looking good literally gives you an edge over others, it boosts self confidence, and it attracts the right people.

You may not be it, but I encourage we look just like it till we become it. I'm doing just that. Are You?

Yours Truly,

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