Perfect Is Pain, Pain Is Perfect

Perfect means having all required or desirable elements, characteristics; as good as it is possible to be.

Pain is a highly unpleasant physical sensation caused by torture, torment, grief, unhappiness, and discomfort.

Pain is inevitable. Perfect is obtainable.

From the above illustration, you'll see perfect sprout out of tear, struggle and obstacle (pain). The good news is that perfect is unscratched at it's arrival. Pain conceived and birthed Perfect. We meet perfect not anywhere but only through the pain. Some may be lucky to have just little aches before encountering Perfect, others may not possess speedy luck and would have to thrive for ages before they meet Perfect. That's where individual differences come in. We can never be alike, we all have different level and dimension of Faith and Fate.

To attain any level of perfection, You must first go through Pain. Painful experiences always yield perfect results if properly managed. Often a times, most people allow themselves drown in their pain, these set of people place a blockage on any future possibility. 

Pain is there to show us that good things never come easy and that good things can become reality. You have to go through pain to look perfect and attain perfection. Oh yes!, it's a struggle. Perfect is there to remind us of the pain and how far we scaled through. 

I don't care what you're going through, If you can see the end from the beginning and ignore the mess in between the drama, then, thumbs up, you already possess a high level of discipline and are on the right track. That's how God reveals it us, "the perfect picture of the happy ending from the beginning, without the numerous painful pictures of all the mess in between that we get to encounter". No wonder we have amplified dreams and ambiguous imaginations of what we want and how we want our life to look like, we even talk Big. Do You know that if you can think it, You can achieve it?. We fail to realize that it's a struggle and a serious fight that can spread for so many years before it's actualization. When we forget where we are headed, reason why we started and begin to have doubts, trust issues, loss of  faith and give up on God, we automatically begin to sink.

I'll tell you a personal story.
As a young adult, I was seriously engrossed with a programme on E! titled "Chasing The Saturdays" reason is, I fell in love with one of the young beautiful couple and how they intimately loved, were compatible and shared everything with each other  and  I said continuously to myself, Lord God, this is what I want!. As a girl, I had so many boys here and there but deep down, I wasn't satisfied nor fulfilled. They were not what I wanted. No wonder I searched, experimented and had series of trials and errors (most of them were good guys though, but they were not my tribe). The good thing is I was hopeful, I believed in my "Mr Perfect Tribe". *smiles. back to my story...There was this very cute guy I used to be friends with. All my life I've never seen one person possess so many negative characters at a time, they consisted; immaturity, drinking, smoking, lying, womanizing, greed, anger disrespect, gossip, zero spiritual life, jealousy, etc!..The list is long abeg!. I was at the verge of sealing up the deal and calling it a relationship when the good lord opened my eyes. *Thank You Jesus!. I was lucky to discover all his dramatic traits right on time, I told him off directly to his face that he was not who I wanted, he became so bitter and furious and of course snapped back at me which was expected, but in his case, he rained down so many hateful words. Of all the things he said, this one would interest you. He said,"You think I'm not perfect because I smoke and drink abi, you'll never find who you're looking for Miss Perfect, keep breaking up relationships and leaving nice guys like myself".*nice indeed. lol. From the moment he uttered those words, I knew he lied. Well, I was glad he called me Miss Perfect. In my world, no intentional compromise is allowed, especially when I intend tagging it along with me to my future.

Perfect would come but Pain would forever be a forerunner to bear witness. simply say "John for Pain, Jesus for Perfect"

Without John there was never going to be a Jesus.The former had to announce the latter before it's materialization. (See Mathew 3)

Bet You had a great read today. *wink

Have a great day Fam.

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  1. Thanks Ellahillz...d whole 'perfect' talk reminds me of an article I wrote sometimes last year. I think it should be my next post:D

  2. @dami, you're most welcomed angel, can't wait for you to bring it on. #anticipate @Mrs Fimibama, thank you sweetest.


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