Surprise Surprise! Tap To Find Out Who Our Blog Royalty Of The Week Is...

Lool. I can't really tell if this person is my friend. All I can say is that the person is an ardent reader and of course a Blog Fam which automatically qualifies the person as my family.


Well, She's Mrs Ozioma Fimibama, A very beautiful mother of one and young too. Ooh yes, she is married oo, so no application form available.

Reason why she made it here is because she's a virtuous woman. morally upright, a hardworker and an in-depth lover of God. I don't know how she combines all that she's involved with, even as a nursing mother. Baby Fimibama isn't even up to 9 months.

Ozy baby as I fondly call her is a professional make-up artist and she's really a Pro. at what she does.

Ozy resides in Lagos but shuttles between Lagos and Portharcourt  for now because that's where most of her clients reside and also, like I stated earlier, she's a nursing mum but will definitely tour round the globe just to cook your face up when Baby Fimibama comes of age.

You can get a free makeup session from Mrs Fimibama when you refer a bride within Lagos and Portharcourt, this special offer wouldn't last forever, so enjoy it while it lasts. It expires in the month of April, so make haste ASAP. For inquires, call 09056919129 or 08064341102. Spread the good news to friends, distant friends, families,relatives and just anybody you come in contact with that meets the required specification,

You taught I was kidding when I said she's really a Pro in her field? Then you need to check out some pictures of her works.


Mrs Fimibama is the C.E.O of Shifra Makeovers. Book an appointment with her today for that glam look you crave by calling the above numbers and ooh yes! she is very affordable.

Looking good is good business, give it a shot. *winks

Mrs Fimibama is happily married as it's strongly evidenced and he he, that's her strawberry looking hubby. You'll agree with me that they look so good together and definitely a divine match made in heaven and ordained by God.

This day and forever, may God bless the works of Mrs Fimibama and may He bless her happy family. Remember to book that appointment today by striking the above digits on your cell phone.

Have A Joyful Sunday Fam.

No Blogging Without You, Thank You For Visiting.


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