God Technically Owns Every First Born Child, Failing Means Failing God

Oh well, I'm a proud Ada Ada and a first born child at that. The word failure isn't in my dictionary at all, let's just say I have phobia for failure and as a result of that, it's being completely eliminated from the path I thrive. True, I fall, make mistakes here and there, but then, nothing stops me from rising up, putting myself to order and getting my fleek on. I secretly feel I'm too loaded to fail considering the fact that I have my younger squad looking up to me.

Today's post isn't about me, it's about every first born child. Do you know that we are consecrated, and that God calls us His?

Exodus 13:1        God spoke to Moses, saying,
                          "Consecrate every first born to me
                            the first one to come from the womb
                            among the Israelites, whether
                            person or animal, is mine"

From the above extract of the Holy scripture, It's clearly stated that God wants us all to Himself. This isn't for some kind of jamboree but to accomplish a purpose. You see, whatever God calls his own ain't for jokes because just like God, we are rightly created in His image and likeness, It's our duty to Reproduce, Fill The Earth, Prosper and Take Charge, He has blessed(consecrated) us already for the task ahead and of course, His grace rests upon us to lead us in the right direction.

Our duty is to take responsibility and not avert blame on no one when we aren't getting it right. Our duty is to learn from predecessors and effect any change that needs to be made. Our duty is to teach by living a life worthy of emulation.

A first born child is a leader and a pacesetter. A first born child should never be caught trying to fit in to norms that can't hold water, rather, making a difference that could be termed as outstanding, brilliant or extra-ordinary. A first born child is God's favourite, therefore, it's our duty to represent real good, teach others how to treat us, and thrive to attain our purpose in life which is to be imparted to all, for Failing in our respective assignments means  Failing God.

*If you're not a first born child, don't feel too jealous, lol, simply key into the words and allow the grace rest upon you. *smiles

Have A Winning Day Fam.

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  1. Interesting thoughts and perspective, and warm greetings!

  2. @Blogoratti, Thanks. Greetings

  3. Na so..she haf hype herself finish nau oo well i look like u..claiming first born sometyms *tongue out*

  4. I agree with you on this one sis,thumbs up!


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