Search And You Will Find

Got out of bed rather early this morning with thoughts, all I could audibly hear was "search and You'll find" and I taught to myself that it'll be really nice to share.

Honestly, I'm not making this up, and I'm definitely applying it to what I've been searching for the most in recent times. errrm, don't worry, I'll share my testimony when it clicks. Bae is excluded out of the context oo, lol, I know I have friends that will think it's a wedding I.V or something. lol *marriage na small thing nau, and it's not you that will be in the marriage for me, it's me that'll run it all by myself, lol, Y shack my paracetamol for me nah?, kindly wait till I'm ready, inshort, don't worry, I'll be giving free asoebi to all of you as soon as everything is sorted out. *smiles

*Serious mode activated. Search, you'll find. This is holistically truthful and in truth from my own angle, all the things I enjoy at the moment is as a result of a thorough Search, yeah some people are so lucky to assess anything they want with ease but in my case, isalie oo, l'll have to toil(not excessively though) to assess it. God definitely structured it that way to teach me loads of stuffs in between the lines and it upgraded my mental ability and capability big time and full time. My God is a great God! 

You've seen Mathew 7:7? it says, "Ask and you'll receive, Search and You'll find, Knock and the door shall be open unto you". Truth is, if you don't apply the principle, you'll never gain assess.

You've given up on Him too quickly because you've searched for many years without result? don't ever do that. Don't ever allow the devil call you Loser!. You ain't one!

It's a race. Eyes on the trophy hunnies, eyes on the trophy! It's a season of a hundred percent life upgrade for me and I'm so going to assess it with all my might, trust you to do same.

                                       Yes, He's everything and more

Have A Fulfilled Search Day Fam.

No Blogging Without You, Thank You For Visiting.


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