Salt is a white crystalline substance which gives its characteristic taste and used for seasoning and preservation.

Salt is sorted after worldwide because of it's ambiguous significance and value. Without salt, food becomes tasteless, the sea looses its unique characteristics that makes it outstanding and life wouldn't have made sense either.

When God said we were the salt of the earth, He knew exactly what He meant and intended. Without we humans, the earth would be meaningless. We were sent by the maker to add spice to the world.

We are assets, not liabilities for life. We are the light of the world, a pathfinder, a pacesetter, a train blazer and above all, a sweetener.

We carry the gene of greatness, impact, extra-ordinary accomplishment. Our lights were designed to shine so bright. We have a responsibility to manifest those genes. we are loaded with potentials greater than Solomon. We possess Royal genes. We have unlimited opportunities to demonstrate where our hearts are. We are show-stoppers and game-changers.

We were not programmed to just fit in, but to take charge, add spice to life and rule the world, for the Lord God whose so awesome, has given us a body that can stand almost anything, it's our mind we have to convince.

Let's rule sacrificially, let's do it tirelessly, let's do it openly, let's be unashamed, lets refuse to be weary and above all, let's be Salt.

Have a great week Fam.

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