Evening With Ifie Sekibo ! #GOTNI

What does the acronym GOTNI mean ? As you can see from the above illustration, it means "Guardians-Of-The-Nation-International"

GOTNI is a Leadership Clinic that...

1. Introduce young people to the right mentors

2. Inspire young people to aspire and attain

3. Is involved with practical leadership principles


#Evening with Ifie Sekibo is currently the trending Hashtag. The slated event held yesterday, the 29th of February 2016, at the Conference Center in Reiz Continental Hotel, Abuja, and is proudly powered by GOTNI.

The event was well attended and ably represented. All thanks to the President, Linus Okorie(PhD) who made it a reality by hosting the first 500(five hundred) "Budding Potential Leaders" of our great country Nigeria for free out of over 7000(seven thousand) applicants.

Heritage Bank was the mother sponsor of the empowering event, no wonder the slogan for the Merchandise bank is "The Right Bank Makes A Difference". Over the years, Heritage bank has indeed proved to make a difference in the lives of Nigerian youths, grooming them to become Eagles that will take Nigeria to the next level.

The green carpet commenced at 5 pm to  honor special guests with interviews on what to expect, at  exactly 6 pm, the Leadership Clinic was declared open with the National Anthem.

Linus Okorie (PhD) who is the President and founder of GOTNI ignited the atmosphere with his powerful words and charismatic charm, he entirely won the admiration of all with his high definition Intelligence Quotient. He shared universal leadership principles that can be applied in any sphere of life. These universal principles include; Leadership Knowledge, Attitude, Skill and Habit.

                      Linus Okorie (PhD), President and Founder of GOTNI

He went further to warn Nigerian youths of the dangers of quitting, and encouraged youths to have the capacity to endure pain and wait on greatness because PAIN is only a temporal place of sacrifice, discomfort and delayed gratification. He laid great emphasis in the area of raising up a reading generation and sealed a deal with the youths that entailed reading one book per week.

        Far left is Linus Okorie (PhD) sealing up a deal

Questions, Answers and Interactive Sessions followed suit, the closing remark was made, and the National Anthem was sung by all to close the event. Autograph was signed by the renowned author Linus Okorie (PhD). His "best seller" titled "Footprints: Leading Beyond Today" was greatly patronized.

More pictures after the cut.

    Right is Linus Okorie (PhD) in a board meeting.

    Linus Okorie (PhD) doing what he knows how to do best on National T.V

*Ellahillz and Ellahillz Blog Were Ably Represented. *wink

Ellahillz was one of the privileged participants at the event. She was honoured with an interview at the green carpet where she dished out her expectation, she went further to effectively participate in the Leadership Clinic.

       This popped up during lecture...#she never xperedit. *smiles

During the Question, Answer and Interactive Session, she stepped out to ask the Boss himself (Linus Okorie, PhD) her question. She introduced herself, introduced Ellahillz Blog, asked her question and received the perfect response ever.

This way, she got the attention and admiration of her fellow participants and made network of friends.It was indeed an outing to remember and an experience of a lifetime.

GOTNI Boss Inspired Us Greatly Right?

Have A Beautiful Day You All!

No Blogging Without You, Thank You For Visiting.


  1. You're going to greater heights sis IJN

  2. Nice Blog with clean simple content.

  3. You too Babygal, Together we'll attain greater heights, Amen.Thank you!

  4. Linus Okorie is impacting on a generation... may God bless his efforts. Its good to know Ella that you were part of the leadership clinic, I am sure it was highly fulfilling. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  5. I know the time is now, we serve a God of signs and wonders, God bless you sis. You are my inspiration


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