When Last Did You Pray For A Friend?

Who is a friend?

A friend is a person that shares equal level of bond while exhibiting mutual relationship. A friend is a companion, never an enemy or a hater. A friend has a strong liking and supports who they are concerned about. A friend is never envious of the others' success because they technically share in the same joy. A friend is that person that remains a constant through the pains and gains. A friend is selfless and doesn't think of only their self. A friend is an everlasting motivator, a continuous teacher, and loves unconditionally. A friend is God's precious gift to man.

Few years ago, I had people in my life that I termed as friends, but looking back, I've grown to realize they were far from that. As a matter of fact, I don't keep them close no more because they didn't match up to the above definition.

At a point in my life, I had tons of "supposed friends" flocking around, little did I know they were temporal and entirely artificial. Anyone that likes you when it's only party time isn't your friend, anyone that doesn't contribute in making you a better person isn't your friend. Anyone that has nothing nice to say about you isn't a friend. Anyone that knew you from a distance but didn't get close to you at any point isn't a friend. Anyone that doesn't understand the term "growing up" and doesn't put it up on display isn't a friend. Anyone that doesn't take delight in watching you become a better version of yourself each day as you try to nurture your career, seek happiness and live life isn't a friend.

Four years ago, if i ever imagined that at a point in my life, I would be praying to God for friends, I bet i would have laughed so hard at myself and slapped myself to default mode.

Growing up to become mature in every ramification isn't only a trap, it's a reality check.

In truth, it could get so lonely seeing just a few friends support me especially when I used to have "tons of them" flock me, and sometimes, I get to force myself a bit on anyone that seems ideal and real (all females though, lol cos the guys of nowadays don't understand mutual friendship, it's either they think you're trying to hit on them or they end up catching feelings, I'll still have male friends in the nearest future that will understand the definition of a friend and keep it real, Amen, but for now lemme manage the distant few I have) which turns out to be an epic fail because I realize there's something lacking.

Overtime, I've learnt to choose my friends wisely, for friends can make you and friends can equally maim you.

Heard the road to success is usually lonely but the truth is, I crave to make a network of friends now so that we could build an empire together and also, that I may take them along with me to my future . Each time I look forward to having friends that I'll grow with, who will be smitten with hearty cheers allover when we look back in union and say "yes we made it!", I giggle with undying faith and say, Fix it Jesus!. I don't want them artificially flocking around when I become successful. Of what use will it be then? No use...

When last did I pray for a friend(s)? Everyday of my present life.

Have a great day guys.

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  1. Oshey!! BaDDest Writer Ever liveth **Sits up on Jangolova Chair.. I like what this Blog of Destiny has and is morphing into... Weldone to you and your entire support system My happiness. In all sincerity yeah Bubba.. Friends are Hard to get.. and even Harder to create now a days.. as in the world of today yeah.. Relationships or Friendships are either Symbiotic or just plain Parasitic :(.. But someone very special once asked me

    "Nonso Are you a good friend to others?!" and that my Darling is the kicker.

    At basically just 24 years yeah.. My Eyes have since "sonTin" as regards My Friend My Friend waka.. But i believe that until we are able to sincerely answer the above in the affirmative yeah.. it is then and only then that we will truly meet great friends.. cause like the Bible says..

    "He that watereth shall be watered"

    Hence if you are Great friends to others.. then they will by all means be even greater and more ghen ghen friends to you!

    Thanks for sharing EllaHillz of Destiny.. and Hearty THANK YOUUU!!!! for your support of Destiny on the YnC Blog.. You are an amazing Lady to the Tee Emmanuella. This was a ghen ghen and insightful Read..

    P.S: Hey! Remember that Jacket/Blazer you had Back at Uni.. the one with a touch of Orange :) I always wanted to say yeah.. You looked amazing on it. :) xx Blessings!

  2. Hahahaha...JDB my friend, lool, that my customized jacket that year that I guarded with my life..Looool!, you can have a way of bringing forth memories. *too cute..

    As for making genuine friends this days, like you rightly affirmed, it's the most difficult journey to embark on. Well, I still believe there are still nice people of like minds out there that are yet to be accessed. You rock hunnie, God bless the day I met you.You are technically the only one from uni days that proved beyond reasonable doubt to be called friend. *Thank you for the maximum support. God bless our hustle brother.

    1. Thank you for your kind words Bubba... #ItcanonlybeGOD

      Keep Doing you Nne.. Keep winning.. Blessings.

    2. Another great write. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Hmmmmm. Deep! Who needs some kain yeye friends anyway?

  4. @Prizzy, you're most welcome. @Ozy, No one!

  5. Nice is a quote.


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